About Us

DesignsbyShakeya is not just a business, it is a beautiful testament to one woman's incredible journey of strength, resilience, and faith.

Shakeya’s story is one of survival, perseverance, and transformation. After surviving COVID-19 and 5 hours of prayer Shakeya was guided create this waist bead business.

Everything she knew about herself shifted. She fought through her shadow work and surrendered everything into God's hands, paving the way for her business to align with her soul's mission: helping women embrace themselves as they are.

Shakeya’s designs are innovative and come directly from the heart. Not only do they carry a meaning, but a memory of a culture steeped in tradition and love. With this vision in mind, her mission is to create an awareness of wearing waist beads.

 The beauty of DesignsbyShakeya is not just in the stunning waist beads themselves, but in the story of one woman's unwavering commitment to empowering and uplifting other women. Shakeya's journey is a powerful reminder that no matter what challenges we face, we can find strength and purpose in our struggles, and use our experiences to make a positive impact on the world around us.