About Us

Black female entrepreneur smiling with waistbeads

Our Story

DesignsbyShakeya was founded in 2020 by Shakeya. It all started with a trip to her homeland of Grenada. After purchasing some waistbeads from a vendor in the local market she knew she had to take a centuries old tradition into the 21st century.

 Subsequently after surviving COVID-19 it gave her the push to fulfill her dreams. All the jewelry made has a story behind it. As Shakeya embarked on her spiritual journey, the business and jewelry aligned with it. The journey was a grueling one, many tears, challenges and a lot of shadow work. But she made it through stronger and well equipped.

Currently having expanded to body chains, anklets, bracelets, rings and earrings we can only imagine what is next. Using her natural knack for creating, all of her modern yet eclectic designs are handmade with love. 

Our Vision

At DesignsbyShakeya all waist beads are ready to wear. It’s so easy, just search your size (exact inches) and wait for your pink package in the mail. All of our waitbeads are made with barrel or lobster clasps so you can have the option to take them off whenever you feel like. When handled with care they can last a very long time. 

Our vision is to bring a centuries old tradition into the 21st century by adding gemstones and Swarovski crystals. We want everyone that wear our jewelry to feel like they are beautiful no matter the size shape or color.

Incorporating gemstones to bring healing to all our customers life, while making waist beads a staple piece added to any outfit. All of her modern yet eclectic designs are handmade with love. Simply with the intentions of bringing joy into the life of those who choose to shop at DesignsbyShakeya.