Common Myths About Waist Beads

Common Myths About Waist Beads

 common myths about waist beads

"I'm too fat to wear waist beads"

Too often we hear so many women say this and this is not true.
Waist beads is for women with all shapes and sizes. It's an adornment
used when worn, will make you become more comfortable and loving with
that area of your body.
common myths about waist beads

"I don't like showing my stomach"

There is not one way you can wear waist beads. They are worn different ways. Some people wear it under their clothes and others show it. Waist beads are personal adornments that can be worn how you feel comfortable wearing them.


common waist beads myth

 "I'm too old to wear waist beads"

Are you too old to enjoy life? So then no you're never too old to wear waist beads. Remember it is a personal adornment that is for you. Worn for reasons that is divine to you and your body.


 common myths about waist beads

"I'm not African I can't wear waist beads"

By now we all know and understand waist beads originated from Africa, worn for different reasons in different regions.
Fast forward to now all women from all walks of life are able to be a part of and show appreciation to the culture of waist beads. Understand they're more than colorful beads on a string, to many. They are sentimental and special accessories that energetically serves its wearer in multiple dimensions.



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