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38 inches

38 inches

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maroon red beads with Tsavorite also known as green garnet 

Green garnet is all about self-empowerment, powerful Mother Earth connection due to green color, and hope. It also encompasses gratitude, prosperity, purity, love, richness, and compassion.

Green garnets are known to possess spiritual energies that kindle regeneration as well as overall life development. They are believed to be powerful amulets that attract joy, good health, prosperity, positive energies, and abundance

They ground psychic energy and aids in manifesting good fortune in all worldly endeavors. Green garnets are known to activate the heart chakra, stirring charity and compassion.

Just as rubies, garnets attract wealth due to which they are kept in accessories such as bags and purses. Both stones facilitate to be grateful and confident for making beneficial decisions to flourish, especially in business.

Garnets are also believed to regenerate internal body mechanisms via purification. They are also capable of balancing emotional disharmony and instilling improved visualization power.

Tsavorites are interpreted to be the stones of prosperity, anti-anxiety, and financial prosperity. They are also called natural stress relievers and are believed to give happiness as well as determine the true life path. Crystal healers use these stones for accelerating the healing process.  They are also likely to address heart ailments.

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  • Are the waist beads made on cotton thread?

    No, traditionally waist beads are strung on cotton thread but all of our waistbeads are made on durable wire. Gives you a comfortable fit and will last a long time.

  • How do I measure myself for waist beads?

    No worries, we have an instructional video for you.

    Click Here