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15 reasons to shop with us

Here are 15 reasons to shop at the hottest handmade jewelry store in New York City
  1. Female owned, who run the world? GIRLS!!
  2. Quality beads are used, sorry no micheals craft store over here.
  3. Gemstones are handpicked, not ordered online
  4. Authentic gems are used, no fakes
  5. Jewelry made with purpose
  6. Handmade in nyc
  7. Handmade by the owner
  8. Handmade by someone that absolutely loves what they do
  9. When you wear the jewelry you will feel the love it’s made with
  10. You can request gems that we don’t have
  11. You can customize your own jewelry too
  12. We do next day shipping, don’t have to wait a week to process order
  13. Swarovski crystals are a girls best friend
  14. It’s nice to treat yourself every now and then
  15. Jewelry makes you thin.... and clever
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